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As an actor there are 2 things you need to make sure you get that audition and ultimately work. The first is a professional head shot, the second is a awesome looking show reel. The show reel is your calling card it shows casting directors, producers and directors that you can actually act, and that other productions have used you.

We cannot stress how important the show reel is in you tool box as an actor. The majority of casting directors will not even look at your CV if you don't have a show reel. For the productions here at Space Dive Productions we only really use show reels to cast people. So you need a good one and luckily that is where we come in. Our professional editors will take your footage and create a high impact professional show reel that shows you off in the best light possible. If you know what you want we can do it quickly and efficiently. If you want some guidance about what works then we can do that to. Or if you simply need a scene chopped out or added into an existing show reel then that is no problem. 

For creating a new reel from your existing footage we charge a flat rate of £112 which includes all the revisions you want to get it right. You can order now by simply clicking the Buy Now button below. Or email us for other ways to pay. 

For changes to existing reels drop us an email explaining what you need and we will quote to do it.

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Full editing service including unlimited revisions. 

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