Promotional Video FAQ's 

How much do promotional videos cost?

Exactly how much a promotional video is going to cost is a very difficult question to answer because there are so many factors to consider. The cost will be determined by how much it costs for actors, for the location, filming and professionals. The best way to get an indication of the cost is ask us for a quote.

How long should a promotional video run for?

A promotional video should not be too long. You want your video to be short concise, simple and easy to understand. People don't want to be kept waiting. We are all busy people and so make sure your video doesn't take too long to get to the point and get your message across.

What is the most important part of making a promotional video?

The script is the most crucial part of your promotional video. You need to consider what will grab your target audience’s attention and how to keep them interested in your product. Make sure you get it right before you start shooting because any changes later will add to the cost especially if you have to re-cast scenes.

Do you use actors or your own staff or managers?

Both have pros and cons and it really depends on the acting talent of your workforce and what you want. Professional actors are much more confident in front of the camera and are recommended because they are more persuasive and easier to work with for film crews. But if you want it to be authentic and have your own people starring in your video than you should consider providing them some training first.

What types of promotional videos are there?

You can choose a genre for your video. If your target audience is young children you may wish to have animations and lots of colour in your videos. If you have a very technically product or service you are trying to explain you may be best to have an interview style video and have an expert providing the answers. You could have testimonials and demonstrations of your product. You could have videos specifically for internal communication to inform staff of the company's mission statement and long term goals. You may have a video you want to show to potential customers or sponsor which will stimulate action and hype. Or you might simply be after a promotional video selling you skills to an employer.